Tuesday, 6 January 2009

With NuLiebore, Charity Really Does Begin At Home!

Surprise, surprise, the corrupt and self-serving New Labour Party (same as the old Labour Party but without the principles or morals) has been caught out in yet another funding scandal involving a Charity and inappropriate donations. This one really stinks, though, as the Charity concerned had over £840,000 of government loans written off prior to the illegal donations being made. Naturally enough, the donations were concealed by both the Charity and the Party, but not terribly well. Not only corrupt but incompetent, fucking typical.

They have a great track record, too. Bernie Ecclestone. The Smith Institute and it's links to Gordon McBroon have been well documented, Blinky Balls is also in the frame for a similar funding scam when he was supposedly employed before getting a safe snout in the trough. Then there's Mr. Abrahams £650,000 channelled through third parties into Labour's coffers - has this yet been confiscated? And the Orange One's perfectly innocent failure to declare over £100,000 of donations to his ill fated deputy leadership campaign. And Wendy Bendy Alexander's little difficulties. And Slippery Jack's Dinner Donation. Then there's Mortgage Fraud, for which any normal person would have been prosecuted, and Tessa Jowell's hubby's Italian Jobbies. Poor Jack Dromey aka Mrs Harriet Harperson, although nominally treasurer of the NuLiebore Party, was totally ignorant of loans for Peerages, of course, as was McCavity, the control freak chancellor (at the time) who naturally knew nothing about Party Funding for the general election that he was closely involved in running.

But never mind, the snake oil salesman is now a multi-millionaire, so that's all right.

That's just from memory, which is not what it used to be. I think.

The Penguin

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