Saturday, 31 January 2009

Why Is Gordon So Two Faced Over Parliamentary Sleaze?

I have been enjoying the ongoing saga of the Four Lords A Leaping immensely. They twist and squirm, and then the Sunday Times fire another exocet. First we had the reports, all denied. Then we had the recordings, oh dear, whoops. Poor Lord Scumbag loses the Experian retainer, I wept hot salty tears for the cunt. Then comes the video of Lord Trust Not, he of the dodgy friends with seriously dodgy connections, and he loses the Landis and Gyr retainer. I was gutted for him, too.

And it seems that our Glorious Leader, Son of The Manse, Saviour of The World, Bus Driver Extraordinaire has suddenly discovered that this sort of corruption and greed does not fit with his Moral Compass. He is described as "incandescent with rage" and preparing to throw the book, the Nokia, the stapler, and the desk at the naughty Lords.

This is perhaps what you should expect.

But, why is this faux moral outrage and determination to clean up this sleaze so different from his indifferent foot dragging over sorting out the expenses fiddles of members of the House of Commons? Why is he so happy for the production of the receipts to take so long and cost so much? (apart from the opportunity it provides to remove all traces of Labour MP's and Ministers wrong doings? It would be interesting to check individual receipts against totals claimed to make sure that they matched and that the receipts were all there! ) Why not reign in Speaker Martin's pathetic and costly running to the courts to try prevent publication? Why go for a three line whip to try and remove MP's from the Freedom Of Information Act until he found he was all alone and bottled it?

The Penguin

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UPDATE: Who said "Sleaze has become the hallmark of the dying days of this administration" ?


subrosa said...

I can't understand why the Commons can't declare expenses in the same manner as the Scottish Parliament. They must declare every penny, down to the £1 bus ticket and produce the receipt.

From my calculations MPs can make a nice wee bit of pocket money in a week if they buy say 5 items at £24.50 each = £122.50 a week. Many will of course purchase less but I wonder how many.

The nonsense that they don't have to produce receipts for items less than £25 makes a mockery of the whole expenses policy. But that's how they like it isn't it?

Van Helsing said...

Meanwhile Mr. Penguin I have just noticed this

About 0.5 million lives to late.

The Penguin said...

Mr Helsing

I don't think he lies awake at night, the Pope has blessed the cunt after all.

Henry North London said...

Subrosa I get £75 a week to live on

Odin's Raven said...

Of course they're corrupt. See the post about Polluted Politics on my blog.

Isn't duplicity just instinctive to Brown? He pretended to bring drinks to a party whilst delivering empties. He pretended to support Blair, whilst undermining him. He pretended to support British forces whilst starving them of funds and equipment. He pretended to improve public services whilst wasting the money on politically correct 'managerialist' nonsense. He pretended to end boom and bust whilst enabling a depression. He pretended to promote jobs for British workers knowing the EU won't allow it. He pretends to be human.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How far can you go in a London Taxi for £24.99 ?
+ return, say twice a day; that'll do nicely !