Sunday, 18 January 2009

Slightly Out Of Touch, Or Living On Another Planet?

Winner of a recent "Pingu Poll" as to the ugliest Government Minister, caravan enthusiast Margaret Beckett has demonstrated her abject unfitness for anything other than a thorough slapping with a wet halibut by claiming that there are signs of a housing boom.

Maybe she's been on the sauce with "Green Shoots of Economic Recovery" Shrieky Vadera?

Mind you, wafted around in a ministerial Range Rover with security guards at her beck and call, it must be difficult for the feather bedded and bird brained old trout to maintain contact with reality.

Maybe she should get out there with The Management and listen to the peoples' pain?

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Another see no recession, hear no recession, speak no recession New Labour monkey.

TractorStats said...

If an honest person was blackmailed into doing a burglary they'd live with so much guilt, yet these Labour ministers carry out day by day, the equivalent of thousands of burglaries each, yet show no shame or guilt whatsoever.

They truly must be lower than any common druggie shop lifter or any type of criminal for that matter.

Just staggeringly shocking to ordinary folk. I don't see why they should be above the law maybe a few kangaroo courts with lamp posts involved would send out a message to any future would be politicians.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Labour bitch.

It's okay though, because their core consituency won't feel a thing, on their estates and watching television.

Will no one rid me of this meddlesome beast? I hope she meets the same end as her namesake.

Kippers Dickie said...

Perhaps she might like being slapped across the buttocks with a wet haddock.
It might be a turn-on, the stick of celery in "Aloh, Aloh"

The Penguin said...

The most useful thing that Margaret Becket does is serve as a "slowing agent" for those wishing to avoid a premature ejaculation.

The danger is that too much reliance on such an agent causes complete erectile failure.