Thursday, 22 January 2009

Completely Divorced From Reality

It seems that many of our dearly beloved Government Ministers are completely and utterly divorced from the painful reality that the rest of us have to deal with. One after another they open their mouths to illustrate how there is a gaping void between their ears. If the NHS wasn't such a dangerous place for patients, one might assume they had been into hospital and had their common sense surgically removed. Of course, NuLiebore being the party of Hypocrites, they may have done this on the quiet privately, with less risk of shitting themselves to death after being infected with C. Difficile.

However, we have the unedifying spectacle of Baroness ( Unelected ) Shrieky Vadera declaring that she can seen the green shoots of economic recovery in a week when 40,000 or so lose their jobs, the pound tanks, and bank shares start going south thanks to Gordon Brown's pronouncements. Then up pops that popular choice for ugliest creature in Parliament Margaret Beckett to warn of a housing boom whilst all around is repossessions so Northern Crock employees can get bonuses. And to top it off nicely, Tony McNulty declares that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, you ugly cunt, it's the IMF with a candle and a note saying "Sorry, can't help, we've run out of money!"

Meanwhile the Son of The Manse, Moral Compass Man, Saviour of The World, is forced into an embarrassing U-turn over hiding MP's expenses from scrutiny. What was he doing trying this on in the first place, if he is so anti-corruption and so painfully honest? Except, of course, he knows full well the extent of the advantage that many senior MPs on all sides have been taking on their expenses and allowances, and is desperate to keep it from the public, who will be so outraged that many resignations may be unavoidable. And that would mean byelections, and he's behind in the polls, so we can't take that risk, can we, Bottler?

The Penguin

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