Friday, 23 January 2009

Should Not Be Trusted With Money

It becomes more and more obvious as times passes. New Liebore are just completely incompetent and untrustworthy when it comes to anything to do with money. Except stealing it.

That "pretty straight kind of guy" Tony Bliar should be in Pentonville for bribery and corruption on a massive scale, not swanning round charging ridiculous fees for dire spoutings of crap. Right from the Bernie Ecclestone charade to the Cash for Peerages fiasco, there was always the whiff of sleaze hanging round him. His greedy ugly wife's choice of friends was also suspect, and she should by rights have a criminal record for travelling without a ticket.

Lord Voldemort should have been prosecuted for mortgage fraud.

Mr. Tessa Jowell is about to be found guilty of accepting bribes and perjury.

Mr. Harriet Harman is so efficient as Treasurer of the Labour Party that he didn't know anything about the massive loans that Tone and Lord Cashpoint were blagging. But then again, nor did the control freak chancellor Gorgon McBroon, even though he was in charge of the campaign that was spending the money. One has to presume he took his eye off the ball, and was relying on David Blunkett to see the bigger picture.

That blind twat was busy abusing travel warrants to shuffle his mistresses around the country when ministerial cars weren't available.

I have yet to see any evidence that the illegal donations from David Abrahams have been repaid or confiscated.

Peter "Orange Afrikaaner" Hain has escaped prosecution for failing to register over £100,000 of "donations" to his ludicrous deputy dog campaign - for fuck's sake, spending £185,000 and coming fifth?

Slippery Weasel Jack Straw gets slapped on the wrist for failing to declare a very dodgy £5,000 donation - he's only the fucking Justice Minister, good to see the cunt setting an example.

The Smith Institute's charitable status and shuffling money to Gorgon and to Ed Balls has been spotlit by Guido.

Ed and Yvette's expenses scam is a disgrace even if it is within the rules.

I'm bored now - feel free to add your own examples!

The Penguin

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John Pickworth said...

How about the £10 million Union Modernisation Fund that the Labour Government so kindly gave the Brothers and... this is just such an amazing coincidence, the Brothers then saw fit to make a similar sized donation back to the Labour Party? If me or you did this we'd have the Boys in Blue's Laundry Service stuffing us and our bank accounts through their mangle.

Then there are the huge numbers of millions of crinkly paper, spent on all those "look at what a Labour Government can do for you" TV commercials and newspaper adverts.

Surely all this is supposed to be illegal? Isn't it?