Saturday, 24 January 2009

Strangers In A Strange Land - Used To Be Their Own

Two Church of England Primary Schools now have only Muslim pupils and have dropped daily act of Christian worship. The imbecilic Church of England plan to spend £750,000 building a new primary school which will have only Muslim catchment area. Many other schools report massively high proportions of Muslim children, meaning that white Christian or nominally Christain children are automatically disadvantaged.

"For four years Ruth Weston was a governor at a church school in the Girlington area of Bradford, where 96 per cent of pupils were Muslim, many still learning to speak English. Mrs Weston, a Christian theologian, said she enrolled her daughter at the school because she wanted to support multiculturalism, but “after much soul-searching” withdrew her after three terms.

“When push came to shove, my daughter’s welfare came first. She was not thriving socially or educationally in an environment where she was the only girl of her religion, culture and first language,” she said.

Most of her white neighbours sent their offspring to a secular school 15 minutes’ walk away, across a busy main road, rather than to their local, almost exclusively Muslim, church school. Mrs Weston said that while some may have been motivated by latent racism, it was “a sad irony” that Christian families felt it necessary to turn their backs on a church school."

Now before anyone with an IQ dwarfed by their shoe size wants to play the racist or religionist card, I am immune from both. I don't believe in racism at all, we are all the same race (with the exception of a few aliens, such as Millibanana, and some sub-humans, such as McBroon, obviously). And my wife was a Shia Muslim originally from Zanzibar.

But, if these people want to come here, and it seems that they do, then is it too much to suggest that they should integrate and not congregate in "ghettos"? Segregation, whether imposed or by choice, is wrong and leads to trouble.

The Penguin


killemallletgodsortemout said...

Too late, mate - far too late.

Fidothedog said...

Best be careful in covering this as no doubt New Labour are looking at Geert Wilders type showtrials.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Remind me please, who was it that was almost drummed out of public life for saying in 1968:

"Whole areas, towns and parts of towns across England will be occupied by different sections of the immigrant and immigrant-descended population." ?

Anyway more importantly, Prince Harry has split up with Chelsy Davy !

North Northwester said...

"Segregation, whether imposed or by choice, is wrong and leads to trouble."

Ye gods it's wrong!
We have some, ahem, travelling people around here whose third generation retains its ancestral Irish accent.

Them and us forever for that crowd, it seems, and the Irish God didn't put it in His scriptures to conquer and oppress the unbelievers until Kingdom Come.