Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Slippery Jack Brings Back Secret Inquest Proposal

Jack The Slippery Weasel Straw surpasses himself with this attempt to bring back the discredited and much derided proposal to hold Coroner's Inquests in secret.

Naturally, this power would never be misused by a government embarrassed over the avoidable deaths of our armed forces thanks to gross negligence or inadequate equipment, nor to spare the blushes of Inspector Knacker of the Yard when some innocent tube traveller gets 7 dum dum bullets in the head.

The Penguin


North Northwester said...

Menendez was not exactly innocent; he was running because of his immigration status.
However, sledge hammers and nuts aside, and I know the libertarians are up in arms about him (except for being disarmed by our state monopoly on incompetent violence), but how about children who die from abuse?

Secret inquests might be convenient for some in authority, don't you think?

The Penguin said...

According to the witnesses he was not running, he was sitting on the tube, then he stood up, was grabbed and murdered. No "Armed Police" was shouted, except in the testimony of the killers at the inquest.

I agree that lots of Child Welfare Departments would like to have this on the books. The incompetent bastards!

Anonymous said...

Slipping ever closer to overt anti semitism, aren't we. Better watch ur language Mr Penguin or ur blog will be pulled.

Chalcedon said...

Ah, but they were low velocity dum dum bullets fired at point blank range, so they weren't dangerous at all.

We all know that these lying bastard fucking politicians only want in camera inquests so that details about having no ceramic plates in body armour or having grossy inferior vehicles prone to being ripped apart by tuppeny bangers all gets shoved under the carpet. This has nothing to do with national security and everything to do with politicians not being found out. Utter, utter lying, evil bastards! They really think we are complete mugs.

Why, we are too stupid to vote. That's why I expect McBroon when facing certain crushing defeat at the next election will suspend democracy owing to some concocted national emergency.

Earthlet Nigel said...

This is likely to be something else brought in by the back door. Will such be abused, of course it fucking will.

Child welfare agencies will also welcome it.

As for the thought of Cyclops suspending democracy and everything else to stay in power, I'm not holding my breath, the man's that low he could limbo under a door wearing top hat.

The Penguin said...

Anonymoron, what on earth planet are you on? What have I written that can remotely regarded as anti-semitic?

For goodness sake grow up or go and troll somewhere else.

North Northwester said...

Anonymous said...Slipping ever closer to overt anti semitism, aren't we. Better watch ur language Mr Penguin or ur blog will be pulled.

Actually, Anonymous, criticising a Jew for being a bad person and crooked politician is about as anti-Semitic as criticising a Catholic for being a bad person and crooked politician is anti-Semitic., ie, not at all.

I'm white. If I criticise Mr Obama for lying down with black racist Reverend Wright and crooked white businessman Tony Renzo, who am I being racist about; his white half from his mother, or his black half from his father?

Tricky, huh?

Go and look for anti-Semitism where it is; throughout almost all of Islam, the Left-wing media (which is pretty much all of it), and in posters called 'Anonymous' on The Ranting Penguin.