Friday, 30 January 2009

Justice Minister Jack Straw's Unsavoury Supporters

Jack "The Slippery Weasel" Straw, our much loved Justice Minister and Lord Chancellor, has some rather unsavoury friends and supporters.

Not only is he entwined with Lord Scumbag Of Death, but details are emerging of supporters who seem to be under a cloud if not yet serving time at one of Her Majesty's Pontins.

They do say a fish rots from the head.

I wonder how many more creepy crawlies will emerge into the light once it becomes obvious to them that the Slippery Weasel is now a busted flush, yet another corrupt chancer going down to oblivion at the next election?

Or, if there were any Justice, a tribunal at the Hague. Or Traitors Gate, The Old Bailey, and a Spike.

The Penguin

UPDATE : Seems Lord Scumbag's lost one of his little earners!!

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Sue said...

Someone (with loads of time on their hands) should start to make a giant database of all party "troughing".

It could be set up like Wiki (anonymously editable with references and sources cited in case of legal action and with a space for troughers to deny/explain/spin/prove their way out of it).

It could be our way of getting a little revenge. See how they like their most personal details being catalogued and shared without permission!