Friday, 23 January 2009

Fancy Pushing Your Luck?

Here's an amusing but thought-provoking morsel doing the rounds.

"a. Go to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iraq illegally. Never mind immigration quotas, visas, international law, or any of that nonsense.

b. Once there, demand that the local government provide free housing and medical care for you and your entire family.

c. Demand that all nurses and doctors be fluent in English, and that all food be cooked according to your special specifications in the hospital.

d. Demand free local government forms, bulletins, etc. be printed in English.

e. Procreate abundantly.

f. Deflect any criticism of this allegedly irresponsible reproductive behaviour with, 'It is a cultural thing; you wouldn't understand.'

g. Keep your original identity strong. Fly your previous country's national flag from your rooftop, or proudly display it in your front window, or on your car bumper.

h. Speak only English at home and in public, and make sure that your children do likewise.

i. Demand classes on English culture in the Muslim school system.

j. Demand a local country driver license or national insurance number equivalent

k. This will afford other legal rights and will go far to legitimise your unauthorised, illegal, presence.

l. Drive around with no motor tax or insurance and ignore local traffic laws.

m. Insist that local country law enforcement teaches English to all its officers.

n. Organise protest marches against your host country, inciting violence against non-white, non-Christians, and the government that let you in.

Good luck! You'll soon be dead.

It would never happen in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iraq (or any other country in the world for that matter) except in the UK , because we are run by soft, politically correct politicians that are too scared to 'offend' anyone."

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Demand a dedicated place of worship be erected at their expense, and subsequent upkeep

Fidothedog said...

Fucking brilliant, an stolen to do the rounds on e-mail etc. :-)

The Penguin said...

If I knew the original writer I'd credit them. I just added Saudi to the destinations, having worked there for a (fortunately) brief spell.

Sue said...

It's quite true though, no wonder they're queuing at Calais!

Labour is insane, no one else bends over backwards to please all and sundry.

Even if I need a translator here in Spain, I have to pay for one!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Better still, go to Saudi Arabia, object to something they do and burn their national flag in the town square.

Prepare to have your head cut off in the same square where you torched their flag.

Ming TM said...

Amen Brother - the Australians have a great attitude to them...'if you don't like it - fuck off'. How come they are all in such a hurry to leave their arsehole shit stinking Muslim countries anyway I wonder?

The Refuser said...

The tragedy is this has been going on for years. It got worse when the Conservatives agreed to the Dublin Convention but went ballistic when Labour came to power. There is a huge industry that has sprung up to bleed the British taxpayer and enrich the legal profession. Trust me it is a damn site worse than the Daily Mail thinks.