Friday, 16 January 2009

Secrets Of The Vatican's Most Heinous Sins

A rare glimpse into the strange and secretive world of the Vatican has revealed how certain sins are considered so dreadful that only the Pontiff himself or herself can forgive them.

Monsignor Sicola, the senior Cardinal who only lost out in the last round of papal elections because of worries that "Pope Sicola" would not be taken seriously in a world dominated by Coke, was asked what sort of serious sinning was included. Did it for instance include Genocide? Apparently not, any old bishop or cardinal can issue three Hail Marys and all is well. What about Catholic Priests and child abuse? No, that's just a routine transfer to a new parish. So what can be so heinous as to warrant getting the Holy Father involved?

Spitting out the communion wine or wafer.

It is hardly surprising that Roman Catholicism is fading away in the "educated" world.

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

I can imagine some poor choir boy spitting out is one of the worst crimes he could commit against a catholic priest. Unforgivable.
You would think these revolting idiots would stop preaching about morality with their track record.