Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bob Roberts, Worcester, Knob Of The Month

I'm thinking there should be a new feature here. Knob Of The Month. This month's nomination goes to Bob Roberts of Worcester, who may or may not also be Mr Jacqui Smith. Here's the Knobhead's fuckwit posting from the Daily Smear article about Shrieky's Green Shoots.

"What all of this proves is that the unregulated Thatcherite free-for-all economic template is being consigned to the dustbin of history. The moaning minnies who decry Labour's intervention simply do not understand the scale of the current economic crisis. Only courageous action by government can save our financial systems and the wider economy from meltdown. Thank god we have a Labour government prepared to act in the interests of ordinary people, unlike the Do-Nothing Tory toffs who would happily see us all go to the wall!

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Cato said...

Knob of the century more like.
What a total twat.

The Penguin said...

Trouble is Cato, there's so fucking many of them to choose from. There's a right twat calling himself David Dee trolling up the Labourgraph blogs, for example.

Considering how ugly and ieffectual most of them seem to be from their sad drivelling postings, how come there's so many of them? They can't possibly breed like normal folk?

Cato said...

Trouble is, Penguin my friend, they do. They've caught on to this breeding thing and there's no stopping the bastards. Anyone would think it was a pleasurable experience!

Anonymous said...

Troller of the year, I'd venture.

If any twat comes around here with a red rosette come the election he'll be red alright.

Liskspittle scum. Worthless, lazy, self-satisfied parasites. Abused as children, they transfer the hatred they had for happy, well-adjusted people onto the middle class.

They think we're greedy? Too right, I wouldn't give them the steam from my shit.

Anonymous said...

Bob Roberts appears with the tedious inevitabilty of an unloved season. His hallmarks are an apparent belief that he occupies an alternate reality where ZanuArbeit are actually a competent government and the Eeevil Tories spend their time eating babies roasted over the bonfires of P45's. Strangely I now look forward to his bizarre otherworldly explanations as to why destroying my savings and taxing me into oblivion is apparently a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What a complete twonk!