Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Slippery Jack, New Labour's Man Of Straw

Jack Straw must be one of the biggest wastes of skin in the NuLiebore Government Of All The Talent Free, and that takes some doing.

He is so unctious and oily you really want to slap his face with a large wet fish. A lot. And then some more.

But being the embodiment of Uriah Heap is not the real problem.

The real problem is that he is woolly and useless at his job
, which as Justice Minister is locking up those who are a danger to the public. Sadly he is not up to this. When Home Secreary he introduced legislation and guidelines which completely fucked up the sentencing powers that courts have, and even prevented many criminals ever getting to the courts by having Plod let them off with a warning not to be naughty. This included carrying a knife, and surprise surprise, now we have a veritable explosion of knife crime and fatal stabbings.

Slippery Jack moans and wrings his hands but his heart is not in locking criminals up. He seems to believe that they need a cuddle and a voucher to buy a new hoodie and all will be well. Maybe that's why he didn't bother arguing for building enough Prisons when he was Home Secretary and NuLiebore were being Tough On Crime and the Causes Of Crime.

Even the supine BBC have noticed that there is a problem with knife crime, hence their Panorama programme. Maybe one of their management tripped over a body or something? Anyway, for a change they have made and broadcast a programme which should embarrass the government.

Details here. "Even Knife Thugs Agree Soft Justice Is Not Working"
Then Google "Jack Straw Knife Crime" - a shameful back catalogue of hand wringing uselessness.

The Penguin

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