Monday, 26 January 2009

This Little Piggy Got None - Well, Not So Much!

Tragedy has struck in Manchester where Detective Inspector Nav Riaz was forced to resign before his Racial Discrimination action against Greater Manchester Police could award him a huge lump sum.

Poor Mr. Riaz now has to manage on just his pension, which he gets to keep because he resigned before being sacked for dishonesty.

Not only dishonest, Mr. Riaz can't be the sharpest spanner in the tool box, as whilst fiddling a two week holiday claiming to be on jury service, the prat was caught attending an employment tribunal. If only he'd had the sense to fuck off to the Costa Blanca!

The Penguin


Earthlet Nigel said...

Wouldn't mind betting the tribunal he attended had something to do with race, and potentially he was going to speak in his capacity as "an upstanding member of the police" bent copper to add weight to said claimant's plaint against their employer.

No doubt allowed to resign to save money, and prevents the race card from being played, at least temporarily.

And we are constantly being told these are only perceptions we have with regard to the race card, housing, and benefits. Piss, taking of, foremost in my thoughts.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Bwaaahahahahahahaha!! What a total 'tard!

Sue said...

I would have got him then and reported him to the Guardia. These international databases have to be useful for something!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Just a pension ?
Hope it's fucked by the credit crunch.

the-truth-is-out-there said...

I hear that in 20 years service Riaz has worked for 5 different police forces - and had tribunals at each ? could this be a pattern developing ? presumably it was easier to move him to another force than prosecute him for dishonesty....and is Nav Riaz the same person as Naweed Riaz, ex DI in City of London Police ?