Thursday, 22 January 2009

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

And under the European Court of Human Rights, some humans are more equal than others. Muslims seem to have far more rights than Christians or Jews or Atheists, according to fuckwits at the Amsterdam Appeals Court who have decided that freedom of expression and open debate is a criminal offence if it offends the followers of Mohammed.

It becomes ever more urgent for Britain to leave the EUSSR and kick the ECHR into touch.

The Penguin

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Earthlet Nigel said...

(You don't need to login to view the video reports) Though some knowledge of Dutch might help, it's not a prerequisite as much is in English

On this site you can find a lot out about what the people really think. He is an extremely popular politician in Holland.

And for the connections between Islam and Nazism, the common ground being anti-semitism, we don't have to look back too far in history to find it.

The hearing begins I believe today. I would guess the world press will follow this one. The man as most see it is expressing concerns that really we should all have.

There was years ago an interesting article on the development of racism within cultures in the Journal of American Anthropology, ok not to everyones taste, nor required bedtime reading, however it was clearly presented without any bias. The crux of its thesis dealt with the acceptance and tolerance (or not) of immigration within an indigenous population. It also showed the paths likely to be taken by the governments of the population receiving the immigrants, and what they would do to assist or prevent further immigration.