Friday, 23 January 2009

Recession? What Recession?

A completed deluded and incompetent fuckwit is quoted as saying this - "The situation in Britain is this: that we have low public debt, we have low inflation, wages are under control."

Believable? Any of it?

Low public debt - not if you take the Office of National Statistics own figures, which are high even without the addition of all the new bank bailout blank cheque, or the Enron-like PFI stuff.

Low Inflation - only a cunt who never has to pay for anything himself could even think that was the case.

Wages under control - Hmmmm, the number of overpaid twats in council jobs getting more than £50,000 has gone up by 22%.

Guess who said it? His photograph is at the top of the rant.

The Penguin

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