Saturday, 24 January 2009

Opportunity Knocks - Loads Of Savings To Be Made!

Fenland District Council demonstrate a clever money saving scheme which I look forward to being rolled out across every local authority, and indeed most of Quangoland and Shitehall as well, and as soon as possible.

Their Chief Finance Officer moved to Australia and now works for Fenland DC on a one day a week basis on £20,000 not £100,000. With Skype and the Internet he works from home, attends council meetings by video link, even presented the budget. No one seems to miss his actual presence, or the four days a week worth of sitting around wanking off that he must have been doing previously.

So, Mr. Cameron, have George and his team get the calculators out and work out how much you can save. Might be enough for some tax cuts even after shipping all those overpaid twats to Australia.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I see nothing wrong with this. It's the same as getting a paki (I'm Australian, so I am allowed to say that) to clean your gusset or manage your bank account in Bombay. I work in London for a boss in NYC, and the company is based in Europe.

That he might be worth £100,000 pa is open to question, though. It's a government job, ergo, he should get half the proper, wealth-creating rate.

The prick must be shitting himself now that the pound has been so viciously sodomised by the buggerer of the Manse. It's about 2:1 now (used to be 2.4:1).

For his job in Adelaide, he'd get about $100,000, which works out to !mirabilis! £50,000.

So pay him £10,000 pa. Everyone's happy.

The Penguin said...

That's not the point! The point is that he seems to be managing to do the same job on a ONE day a week basis, for 20% of the previous salary.

So the cunt was not doing much for the other 4 days a week except thinking of ways to spend £80,000 he was being paid for doing fuck all.