Friday, 16 January 2009

Some More Green Shoots For you, Baroness Shrieky

Here's some more signs of recovery for you Shrieky!

Deputy Governor of the Bank of England tells a meeting that UK output is falling through the floor.

Accountancy Firm puts staff onto 4 day week.

Honda closes Swindon Factory for 4 months not 2 as previously planned.

New mortgages hit an all time low since records began.

Jaguar Land Rover lay off 450 workers.

South West Trains cut 480 jobs.

Rio Tinti Shut Angelsey Aluminium and looks to cut 14,000 jobs.

Looking really good, isn't it? Pass my best wishes on to Lord Mandelson, please.

The Penguin


Cato said...

I quite fancy that!
Shame about the brains though.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Barroness Cunt for Pikeys more like; traitor-bitch extraordinaire.

The Scumbag said...

Interesting that lord Mandelsnake spoketh the following about this little "off message" slip
"pressed on whether Baroness Vadera will use such language again, he will say. "I doubt it"" - I fully expect her to end up doing a David Kelly now that Mandelson has marked her card

Word ver: - ressi

Leg-iron said...

More green shites of recovery from Mrs. Bucket.

Apparently she thinks the housing market is just fine and she can't understand why the banks aren't giving out mortgages free with breakfast cereals.

The Penguin said...

She should shove her caravan up her fat arse, mad deluded harridan.