Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Our Borders Are Safe With NuLiebore? Like Fuck!

Yet another case that you simply could not make up and be believed! Seems some Pakistani woman who used to hold the title of World's Tallest Woman and is therefore a minor celebrity and making money from appearances and the like, is claiming to be a refugee because she is so tall that at home they throw stones at her. This is a claim denied by the folk back home, including family members. They admit that the tall one is better off on benefits in England, where she rakes in enough to send money back to Pakistan.

What are the odds on her spurious claim being thrown out? And bearing in mind that she hasn't bothered learning English, how the fuck much is her claim costing, complete with interpreters? And I have to presume, some scum bag lawyers such as the lovely Mrs Keith Vaz are going to be earning from this.

When are the Home Office going to actually get a grip?

I'm not holding my breath.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Anyone remeber Viraj Mendis who took asylum in the church of thge accension in Hulme People Republic of Manchester 20 odd years ago?
The twat was there for overstaying his visa said he was "in fear for his life" in Sri Lanka well all the twats who supported him with coffe mornings and the rest of it that was popular before he was joined by Christ knows how many "asylum" seekers in the UK can rest easy now as he is alive and well working for more of these parasitical scum in Germany.
Who is paying for him is anyones guess.
As this woman had stones thrown at her in her own country she will be well placed to dodge the hail of rocks chucked at by the feral youth of Stockport. For myself I will have 2 with points, a couple of flat ones and a packet of gravel please.

Anonymous said...

Another benefit-scrounging Labour apostle, spreading the good word about how easy it is to leech in this country.

Too lazy to learn English, she's a fucking sideshow freak. Put the bitch into a circus so that she can earn her keep, preferably combining her act with The Human Cannonball show.