Monday, 19 January 2009

The New Ship Money - Where's The New New Model Army?

If the government acting as the executive raises taxes without the consent of the elected representatives of the people, are we in the realms of taxation without representation?

That was one of the causes of the American Colonies deciding to go for Independence.

The sad apology that passes for a government have created the opportunity for a whole new stealth tax to be imposed on us by local authorities without the need for any Parliamentary scrutiny or approval. Hailed by the opposition as a 21st century revival of the old Ship Money which led fairly directly to the war between the parliamentarians and the king.

So, bring on a 21st century Oliver Cromwell, and cut the Gorgon's head off as soon as possible. Those who refuse to learn from history...

The Penguin


TractorStats said...

I honestly think he deserves to be hung upside down by his feet alive and left until his rotting interior runs out of his mouth and the maggots start to devour him. For all the misery and damage he has inflicted upon this country he ought to die in much nastier circumstances.

The Penguin said...

I did suggest some time ago that I thought he should get what was meted out to Hugh Despencer the Younger once Roger Mortimer took the reins of power from King Edward II.

Although they may never be able to find any bollocks to cut off.

North Northwester said...

I am just about to go out into Northwest England's hail-spattered freezing winds and carry three heavy, soggy, ice-melt dripping 'recycling' bins of rubbish through my house and across my carpets to deposit them on the front pavement for the local authority to take away tomorrow if the local untouchable vandals have left any of their contents unscattered and thence to be sent God-knows where.

Maybe it'll go to to landfill; maybe to be pressed into spiffy new muesli-burning cars; or maybe to inflict its toxicity on the poor bloody Chinese after half a world's diesel-spilling bulk carrier sea voyage.

And it'll all start when I squat down in the chilly darkness and feel a stabbing pain in my lower back to pick the first one up. Then I'll get my hands dirty.

A good metaphor for living under Gordon's gophers or what?
And all to satisfy a bunch of Greens so stupid they couldn't even get a proper job in West Germany's formerly prosperous economy and their cosy communitaire Continental friends.

Good on Eric Pickles, though. Did somebody finally strike out with the Clue Bat at Tory Central Office or something?

Yes, Penguin, there should be plenty of Hugh Despencer's treatment to go around... They've been doing it to us for eleven hellish years.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Those least able or willing to pay will simply refuse to do so. Those who can't be arsed to flytip their stuff at beauty spots will allow their gardens and back allys become mountains of filfth.
Prosecuting them will be no good since they'll all have six brats and be on benefits.

I take a weekly trip to the recycle centre and dispose of my glass bottles, plastic milk containers, other plastic packaging, newspapers and magazines; I always put my fag packets and other anonymous rubbish in public waste bins leaving my unrecycled household waste filling less than one normal Tesco shopping bag.

Where do I get a refund from ?