Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Harriet Harman

Front runner in any competition amongst the Nu-Liebore Party for the title Most Hypocritical Of Them All has to be Harriet Harman. It may be a close run thing, there being no shortage of serious contenders, but I think our Harriet has a leading position.

Born into privilege, educated expensively, God only knows where this daft and none too clever bitch has acquired her peculiar political views from. But that is not really important, as she is able to overlook her "principles" at the drop of a hat.

A strong supporter of eradicating grammar schools and private education yet her eldest son was sent to the selective Roman Catholic secondary school, the Oratory, where Tony Blair also chose to have his children educated. She dismissed the accusation of hypocrisy by claiming it was because her husband, the amazingly ignorant and inept Labour Party Treasurer Jack Dromey was a Catholic.

Another child, another change of position. She sent her second son to St Olave's - an Anglican grammar school in Orpington, Kent, a long way from her deprived South London constituency. One wonders if she had converted Jack to the Church of England. Or if the little Harperson might have enjoyed being at school with an older sibling.

All change again for her daughter, who was sent to Grey Coat school, yet another selective grammar school in Westminster.

This of course did not stop Harriet becoming Deputy Leader of the New Labour Party - after all, she is in good company on the "good schools for our children, comprehensive dustbins for yours" ground. Ooooh, we could do a list. Tony Blair, of course, Diane Abbbott, no, I can't be arsed, it would be long and tedious.

Now, with Nu-Liebore facing terminal meltdown because of the Global Credit Crunch from America which our economy is in a wonderful position to withstand, it's time to re-ignite the Class War, and whose dainty fingers are on the White Paper which insists that wiping out class differences should be part and parcel of every decision made by every government and local authority department and their quangos?

That's right, it's our champion hypocrite, Harriet Harman.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Lifted directly from the sleaziest of all sleaze papers, the Daily Mail. Terminally ignorant, bilious and jealous. Daily Mail readers are all the same.

Anonymous said...

Anon 02:07 - ditto for Liabour politicians. Scratch the surface and the sweet scent of champange fills the air.

The Penguin said...

Anonymong 1, not at all, very carefully reworded. Can't do much to change the facts.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Anonymong 1 - check out CiF at the Guardian where Polly the Sycophant (another from a privileged background) calls the social mobility white paper, "...simple, fundamental and profound. It should have been Labour's guiding light for the last 11 years - but better late than never."

Class war revisited. They know they are out on their arse at the next GE (whenever or if ever that may be) and reignition of the so-called class war may pull back a couple of votes here and there, but they are still a dying force.

Chalcedon said...

The best wheeze to kick start social mobility so little Chardonnay and young Romeo can become barristers and medics is to build grammar schools and reintroduce selection.

that aside, the senior echelons of Noo Labour are hypocrits. Do as we tell you, not as we do, re our children and their education. Utterly selfish uncaring bastards. The Labour women are the worst.

they are all champagne socialists coz only the wealthy can afford to hold socialist ideals.