Sunday, 25 January 2009

What A Big Trough! But Mind The Dead Soldiers

The Sunday Times investigation revealing how corrupt some Labour peers are brings to the public attention Lord Taylor of Blackburn, whose connections to Britain's biggest arms dealer BAE Systems are deserving of considerable scrutiny, although you may need to have something to hand to try and overcome the stench.

One has to wonder, given the amount the bastard has trousered over the years why he should be trying to grasp another paltry £120,000?

His links to the disgusting little Slippery Weasel Jack Straw extend to having arranged - presumably for a fee - the dodgy dinner donation that our upstanding Justice Minister forgot to register. But hey, Jack only drafted the legislation and pushed it through Parliament, it obviously wasn't meant to apply to him!

It was the fragrant combination of Lord Taylor and Slippery Jack who scuppered Robin Cook's efforts at an ethical foreign policy, for which one suspects they were handsomely rewarded. The devious duo were also involved in getting Bliar to lean on Goldsmith to drop the bribery investigation against BAE Systems. Follow the links for more details, if you've the stomach for it.

It's nice to know that Jack has benefitted from the death of our troops, isn't it? And to think there are dead bodies floating in the trough they have their snouts in.

The Penguin

UPDATE - Turns out there's fuck all can be done, they can't be sacked or suspended. There'll be a whitewash, and if they can't brush it under, then our noble peers might be forced to apologise to the fellows in the House of Lords. You can see why Mandy was so quick to come home from Brussels!


Fidothedog said...

The reason that they try to grasp another paltry £120K is that they can not stop.

Having whored themselves years back as socialist workers they were on the gravy train for life.

First the local authority, then MP, then peer. Lots of champagne and lots of champagne socialist.

Good lord I'll take whatever I can get said...

Just watching as the BBC helps the Labour Leader of the Lord kick it into the long grass of enquiries etc.
If they are found guilty in a year or so's time they will be named on the floor, big deal. They should be strung up.
Silk rope for the lords I believe.

If they are so innocent, they would be, straight on the phone to their lawyers, sueing the Times for libel.

Odin's Raven said...

They're obviously traitors. Heads to Tower Bridge, bodies to the ravens.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Now now, settle down, how else are they to recoup the cash they paid for their peerages ?
BTW, Respect for the three Tories, the Ulster Unionist and the Lib/Dem peers who rejected the advances of the Sunday Times.

Anybody got the e-mails of the sualid dirty little labour quartet ?