Saturday, 31 January 2009

Beggars Belief

Some woman in the USA has given birth to octuplets. That's 8 babies, if anyone wasn't sure. And apparently they are all doing fine.

However, this 33 year old single woman already has 6 other children under 7 years old. All via IVF and all from the same sperm donor. So we know the father's a wanker if nothing else.

Now, with our ludicrous benefits system I could understand the motivation here, but I don't think it works quite like that in the States. Apparently her 60 year old father is going to have to go back to Iraq to try and help pay for everything. Nice safe place, but it'll save him changing nappies.

Who on earth approved more infertility treatment for a lone parent of six children, and then shoved 8 fertilised embryos into her? Hardly a safe procedure for mother or babies, look at the stupid cow who lost them all over here the other year or five ago.

And from my sprog giving birth to twins, I know that it is not going to be easy from here on in either.

Absolute madness.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

I heard that the 8 babies are moving and breathing alright but apparently this doesn't mean that their brain function will necessarily be normal.

How sad if these poor mites, due to selfishness of the parent and 'brag rights' of the IVF instigators, are unable to fulfill a meaningful existence.

It's all a fucking disgrace really.

Incidentally, I also heard that two of the first six were twins!

The Filthy Engineer said...

I've got three brats. That's bad enough, but fourteen? That's nearly 3 times the misery!

SaltedSlug said...

Who on earth approved more infertility treatment for a lone parent of six children, and then shoved 8 fertilised embryos into her?

I think they toss in more embryos in order to maximise the chances of one one of them sticking. She was just 'lucky' enough for all of them to hang around.

And with regards to who approved the procedure: This is the States we're talking about, and she was paying. So long as it was safe, it's not the Doc's call if she can care for these kids afterwards.

Lord Harri aka Harrithebastard said...

I have four split arse mechanics and two sons? and that took me 20 years of some hard bump and grind and many sleepless nights wishing i had just stuck with widow palm and her five daughters?

Will they be normal? are any kids fucking normal .. i was most definatly not, so i suspect that my offspring have not had the best start in life ... fuck em! i spent many years wiping there arse's , so now when i am a fully fledged senile old cunt , they can return the compliment, Oh the joy.

Dennis said...

Oooh goody, just what the world needs, eight more babies.

Is there a collective noun for this? A litter, perhaps.

Mind you, if the parents joined in, they could muster two basketball teams (5 aside) and play a match in, say, 2027. So it's not all bad.