Saturday, 17 January 2009

More Hot Air From Lord Chief Justice

With brilliant timing the Lord Chief Justice declares that burglars should get stiff jail sentences because breaking into peoples' homes is so dreadful it deserves serious prison time.

This follows hot on the heels of the death of some poor old bloke dragged out of his home by a fucking bailiff to go to a cash point to pay a motoring fine, and the sentencing to life in prison ( or 12 years ) for a murder committed while the killer was on a 6 months supervision order for burglary.

You could hardly make it up and be believed.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge ( more disbelief!) was pontificating and adding to global warming whilst throwing out appeals against the harshness of their sentences by a clutch of burglars. These cunts were handed down sentences which they thought were unfair, including 2 years and 12 months. With the usual practice of only serving half that plus even less to help with prison over-crowding caused by not building enough capacity ( thanks Gordon!) , these sentences are derisory. Who the fuck gave the scrotes leave to appeal them, and who the fuckety fuck pays for all the m'learned friends getting fat on the back of it?

This shower of shit masquerading as a government got in claiming that they would be Tough On Crime and Tough On The Causes Of Crime. Like the rest of their promises, not worth the paper it was written on, as Labour Manifestos are not believable in law, or whatever the phrase was when Gordon's promised referendum was put before a judge.

The Penguin

UPDATE - What we really need is not more fucking hot air and hand wringing from the judges or from the likes of Slippery Jack or Jacqui Boots, but a decent burglary (or three) with added violence directly affecting the Elite of The Righteous. Then we'd have some action, double fucking quick. Who would you most like to hear had been the victim(s)?


AngryDave said...

Not all prisons are full to capacity, yet still cannot accept new prisoners. I work in the juvenille estate, and we have numerous problems with other jails. The prison at which i work is private sector and we have more than twice the number of guidlines etc than public sector. Under 18's cannot be made to share a cell unless the want to and are cleared to do so, to stop one attacking or killing the other. We are always moving lads around and doubling them up to keep single cells free for new inmates. However, public sector prisons are putting single 'at risk' inmates in double cells. This means they do not run at capacity, and gives the underworked public sector boy and girls an easier life, because they cannot put anyone else into the cell.

MrAngryman said...

Maybe Jackboot jackie, or even that horrible harrier person. And if any burglars are reading (if you can) then please please break into that arse boils hoons house and nick all his stuff (hopefully smacking him round the head with a shovel and treating him to a bit of ultraviolence)

The Penguin said...

Sorry, should have included Hoon on the Poll. Also Straw. Cunts both of them.