Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hazel's Latest Stupid Scheme

The strange phenomenon that is the Ginger Minger has surpassed even the expected fuckwittery of this arrogant and inept government of all the talentless. I suspect she has been spending too much time with the One Eyed World Saviour, and something unpleasant has rubbed off on her. Not a pretty image!

Now she blithely announces that teams of state officials will turn up each morning and ensure that the workshy go off to work and send their properly scrubbed children to school. And supervise the slatterns cleaning their hovels.

What fucking jobs is she going to pack these folk off to?

Oh, NOW I understand - they are off to ensure that others on the sink estates go off to work, and so on, in a great round robin of pointless twattery so symptomatic of NuLiebore.

Well done, Hazel. You fuckwit.

The Penguin


IanPJ said...

They really are looking to push people ever closer to that tipping point aren't they.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Will they have their arses wiped as well? The answer is not more state intervention, it's less. Cut off their bloody benefits and see how long they last, that's the only answer goddamit!

Fidothedog said...

Its going to fail - 3 words - Human Rights Act.

I give it a week before someone who is affected by her plans fights it in the courts.

Besides can you see council employees turning up to enforce this crap?

someday said...

I'd like to tip a bucket load of shit over her.