Saturday, 31 January 2009

That Brown Interview In Full - The Uncensored Version

“Of course people are worried, and that is why we are talking the usual bollocks.

Britain is in the eye of a global financial storm which was made in America and absolutely nothing to do with me.

We have got to show that the complete failure of leadership and the medication that we are taking can make a difference.

I am absolutely confident about Britain’s future. I have utter confidence in our ability to come through this.

I have utter confidence, not only in the British people’s determination to come through this,
but that people will work together to make sure Gordon Brown emerges from this.”

The Brown spirit is to see a problem, identify it, and run away from it. Once a problem hits us we are determined and resolute to hide in the cupboard under the stairs and we are adamant that we are going to deal with that problem.

And that is the resolve, not just of the Government, but the resolve of the whole people.

I am determined that the London conference in April not only brings a great photo opportunity together with Barack Obama, but also takes the practical steps that are necessary so that the global and financial markets work better in the future and people like me can't fuck them up.

I understand people's worries about their jobbies and I understand people's anxieties about employment across the country. But the actions we have taken should help me stay in work. On unemployment we are doing all we can, which is talking complete cockwaffle.”


Fidothedog said...

Some big boys did it an ran away added Gordon before going to the kitchen to comfort eat after being called a fat cunt by a cartoonist.

subrosa said...

Not far off what the majority of people think - except his loyal fans in Kirkcaldy who can't see further than their garden fences.