Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Banking Crisis What Crisis? Bonuses All Round!

One thing that I find difficult to stomach is the obscene bonuses and salary packages awarded to top bankers by their colleagues despite the little problems that seem to be causing everyone else such trauma. There should be an angry mob of RBS shareholders outside Sir Fred The Shred's swanky Edinburgh pile, threatening "direct action" if the arrogant greedy cunt (close friend of Gordon's until very recently!) doesn't hand back several of the millions of pounds of bonuses he collected whilst fucking up the bank through his vanity and hubris. Then the mob should turn on the auditors, and then the overpaid but useless regulators at the FSA.

Badger and McBroon claim that they do not have any control over bankers bonuses, despite pouring shedloads of taxpayers money in to prop them up.

However, they should have control over the 100% nationalised Northern Crock. And what do we have at Northern Crock - a 10% bonus for every employee. Nice enough for the average banker on £22,000. Fucking Nice One for the cunts at the top on £700,000.

Have Northern Crock made a profit? Nope - this nice little earner, £8.8 MILLION in all, is because by an aggressive policy of repossessions they have achieved a target of paying back to the Treasury some of the taxpayers cash used to bail them out. More bonuses will be triggered if further pay back targets are met.

I wonder if Northern Crock are going to continue aggressively throwing folk out of their houses, or will take notice of Gordon's requests for clemency? And thereby risk missing out on more bonuses? What do you think?

The Penguin


I hate Vista said...

These are bankers, a class of people who in normal times look to see how much of our money they can relieve us of.
Now they are a nationalised industry with an unlimited amount of money to draw down on, they will work the system to their own advantage far better than the unions ever did and the unions were good at it.
The taxpayers are stuffed again bigtime.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Q.What do you call a Bunch Of Bankers ?
A. Hoons !
Their very nice homes should be forfeit, their wives/'partners' sold into slavery and/or prostitution, their offspring indentured to Tesco...

WV freaks piss me off too but in this case excrati, Spot On.

Anonymous said...

Repossessing big time bankers' homes has a nice touch to it - either that or torching them with the owner still inside.

Anonymous said...

One of Sir Freds pals said he would be mortified if people thought he was not honest and hard working. Not as mortified as the taxpayers will be when they have to pick up the tab for his balls up.
I happen to be a customer of this clown, everytime I go into the branch I am asked if I am interested some "product" or the other I do realise the staff are tole to say this this prevents me telling them to fuck off and if I want anything I will ask.
He will go with a golden parachute. I prefer to throw the lot of them out of a plane with lead parachutes but still. We will be stuck with the bill as him and the like will say they did their best, if it is thank fuck we didn't see their worst.

Angry1 said...

Fred 'the Shred'? Fred the 'Fucking Cunt' more like!! Fucking arrogant wanker should be up on a charge of criminal negligence.