Friday, 30 January 2009

The Brothers And Comrades Shat On By Their Leaders

Arthur Scargill will possibly get a small footnote in history books as the most incompetent union leader involved in the industrial chaos which helped to decimate our traditional industries. One has to wonder how things would be today had the miners had a leader who put their long term interests first, rather than being a dodgy ideologue with a direct line to the Kremlin.

But you have to admit the bastard has got a brass neck. Called to give evidence at a tribunal looking into a squalid and corrupt deal whereby the NUM got a secret back hander out of compensation payments made to sick miners he discovers that there were more cases involved than he knew about, and promptly demands that the solicitors hand over another £8 MILLION to the NUM. (Maybe their pension fund is a bit short?)

Meanwhile Derek Simpson lives in a free mansion in Berkhamsted, his for life and then his wife's, on a salary and perks package close to £200,000 while he supposed represents the interests of his membership, most of whom as he constantly whines are on less than average earnings.

And the Brothers get grants of £10 MILLION from the NuLiebore Government to "assist them with modernising and reform" which they promptly give back to the Nuliebore Party.


The Penguin


Sue said...

Just epitomises all that's rotten with politics in the UK and EU.

It makes me sick to my stomach and it's about time it comes to an end.

Bill Quango MP said...

That modernisation scam. There was a big outcry at the time from MP's, but it went to committee to look into, and suddenly everything was fine and above board.Never knew quite what was found that made this grant ok.

Cameron should set up a Bankers rehabilitation into decent society scheme, and Sneak £10 mill into his coffers.