Sunday, 18 January 2009

Global Warming, Carbon Trading, Green Gravy Train

I can recall when the news was dominated by scare stories about the looming threat of another Ice Age. Of course, back then we had real winters, so it seemed quite believable. 1962/63 I recall vehicles driving about on the River Bure and Wroxham Broad, and the snow turned black before it melted by the road sides. Oddly, everything kept on keeping on, unlike nowadays when it seems that a mere flurry of snow means everything has to to stop, probably for fucking Health and fucking Safety or some European Union cockwaffle the traitors have signed up to.

From my limited knowledge of history, we have had changes in climate over the last few millenia, with a nice warm period in the middle ages, for example, and then a chillier time for the Tudors complete with Ice Fairs on the Thames (popular with traders as it was unregulated, unlike all the other Markets governed by charters and ruled by the guilds). Bartholomew Fair, by Ben Johnson gives a lovely flavour if you like turds in your teeth.

And the key factor in all of the weather that we so enjoy on planet earth is that fucking great thing called The Sun. Nothing else really matters by comparison.

Anyway, how are the carbon offsetters and other riders of the global warming gravy train going to explain the current big chill?

The Penguin


The Scumbag said...

The really deluded blather about the fact that it's fucking freezing is "masking an underlying warming trend"; while the average greeny tries to keep warm around their Aga burning coppiced willow from sustainable sources.

I hereby resolve to take more unnecessary short-haul flights and drive round the corner to the off-license.

Anonymous said...

I am fucking pissed off with the hoards of mindless sandle wearing green twats latching on to this government's gravy train that allows them to slap tax on anything that uses fuel on the pretext that somehow it will save the fucking world.

Anyone with an IQ higher than 75, should they bother to look into the subject rather than just believing the self serving lying politician cunts we're stuck with, would know that humanity adds something less than 2% of the CO2 produced each year, the rest coming from things like volcanos and the oceans etc. Not to mention the fucking sun and sun spots... Grrrrrr, I'm fucking mad again... In other words, reducing our output by as much as 50% will only reduce worldwide CO2 by 1% - big fucking deal.

One good thing, my next Range Rover Sport is going to be a little cheaper thanks to their drivel.

Ayrdale said...

...we may be seeing the demise of the greenchurch with this cooling trend. The clowns have invested their total credibility in apocalypse...if it doesn't eventuate they are totally fucked.
The trends are indicating continued global cooling, not sudden calamitous warming...keep an eye on this conference...

Mr Effing Cold said...

I'll believe them when they actually prove that CO2 is a greenhouse gas.
They haven't managed to in 30 years,inspite of all the funds they've they've grabbed. They don't actualy mention this when the hand goes out.
For those scientists around, it is still only a hypothesis.
Anyway I wish it were true I much prefer warm winters and hot summers saves on heating bills.

JD said...

I have an archive/collection of articles that question, to say the least, the whole MMGW scam:

Enjoy, JD.

John Pickworth said...

I say we gather up all the World's coal, gas and oil, and set light to the bloody lot of it. Problem solved, no more nasty fossil fuels to worry us.

What about electricity I hear you say? Well, get some of them adapter things and plug two things into each wall socket. Twice the power. Simple.

Next week, the Gaza Crisis... who wasn't as good a soccer player has most people believe.

microdave said...

I wonder how many "Greens" realise what the catalytic converters their whining has forced on us motorists actually do? Simple, they convert 3 pollutants into one - CO2 - you know, the horrible greenhouse gas...

Damo Mackerel said...

Arydale: ...'we may be seeing the demise of the greenchurch with this cooling trend. The clowns have invested their total credibility in apocalypse...if it doesn't eventuate they are totally fucked.'

That's very true but have you noticed that the apocalypse won't swing into action oh in about 80 - 100 years from now, when their long dead and therefore won't take the wrap for the global warming fanaticism. Bastards the lot of them.