Sunday, 25 January 2009

And This Little Piggy Squealed All The Way Home

Speaker Michael Martin has demonstrated hidden depths of sensitivity alongside his arrogance and stupidity. A reference to Glasgow in a new guide to MP's expenses so upset the poor sensitive piglet because he thought people reading it might just recall that he himself represents a Glasgow constituency and has been found out abusing his travelling expenses, that he had it pulped and a new version produced replacing Glasgow with Edinburgh.

Quite apart from the waste of public money, which has never seemed to bother Gorbals Mick, who spent an astonishing £1.7 MILLION redecorating his grace and favour apartments in the Palace of Westminster, he is so stupid that he did not realise that this would draw far more attention to his misdemeanors than ever the original publication could have done.

The Penguin


Thud said...

By the already low standards of our rulers this jumped up little shit is a genuinely thickhead to end all thickheads.

Anonymous said...

is a genuinely thickhead to end all thickheads.
Couldn't agree more but sure beats the shit out of working don't you think. I love seeing these scum begging for scraps from their masters table and hows old Neil and Glynnis Kinnock doing these days? Have they managed to get the shit off their noses?