Friday, 23 January 2009

Unfit For Purpose, Unfit For Office

On 25 April 2006 it emerged that 1,023 foreign prisoners had been freed without being considered for deportation. Among the offenders, five had been convicted of committing sex offences on children, seven had served time for other sex offences, 57 for violent offences and two for manslaughter. There were also 41 burglars, 20 drug importers, 54 convicted of assault and 27 of indecent assault. Former Home Secretary David Blunkett commented that “Heads should roll” over the scandal, despite the fact that many of the releases occurred during his period as Home Secretary. The cunt.

The Home Office later revealed that of those, 288 were released from prison between August 2005 and March 2006 - proving that the problem continued long after it had been raised with the government. Charles Clarke said: "It is a massive issue and it's true to say, with the vast growth of foreign national prisoners, we took our eye off the ball. The first priority at this moment is to get the situation under control - that is what I'm focusing on. We don't know exactly where everybody is ... I know where about 100 of those 1,000 now are, and we are going through the most urgent cases" . (All these eyesight references, was he having a go at Blunkett or Brown or both?)

The foreign prisoners scandal led many to call for Clarke's resignation, not only from the opposition; Clarke reportedly offered to resign, but Tony Bliar refused to accept this, then axed him in a reshuffle. In came tosspot John Reid to declare the Home Office "Unfit For Purpose".

Now, three years on and we have another fucking useless Home Secretary, even though more than half of the Home office has been taken away and rebranded as the Dont Expect Justice Ministry, with Slippery Weasel Jack Straw supposedly in charge.

And it turns out that 90% of failed asylum seekers don't get deported, and the "Border Authority" don't know where they are.

Surely it's time for the kebab stuffing one to fuck off back to being a piss poor school teacher?

The Penguin

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Anonymous said...

When all else fails with "asylum" seekers why not do what the Thai's do. Tow the fuckers out into international waters and cut them adrift telling them they are not wanted. Now what a good idea that would be.

The Penguin said...

Or harvest their body parts for medical puposes and render the fat down for biofuel, the rest can be used as petfood.

Once word got round, we'd suddenly have no fucking immigration problems.