Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Pinter Play Found! "The Attorney General Caretaker"

The Setting - An attorney's office.

A bespectacled middle aged man is sitting behind a desk.

There is a knock at the door, and two people come in, a man and a woman. The man is large, balding, with eyes like a pig and looks very well fed. The woman has reddish hair, and is carrying a briefcase.

The man: "Ah, Peter! I think you know of Sally, if you've not yet had the............pleasure of meeting her."

Sally : "Hello"

Peter: "What do you want Charlie? I'm a busy man, you know that."

Charlie: "Tony's not very pleased with your report, Peter. He says it's not at all helpful.
Perhaps you could have a little............... rethink?"

Peter: "But I've spent weeks on that report. And it's in perfect accord with International Law and the Constitution!"

Sally: "Tony will be very disappointed if you can't do better. He doesn't want to let his friend Big George down, and as you know, we've already spent a lot of time and money putting all the pieces into place. It would be such a shame if we had to ...............lose you over this, Peter."

Charlie: "It might mean that walking in the woods would be really unadvisable ever again, Peter, if you know what I mean."

Sally: "Oddly enough, Peter I have a pen knife and some pain killers in my briefcase. Just in case."

Peter: "You can't just come in here and bully me, I've got a reputation to think of!"

Charlie: " Yes, but you know what Sally's reputation is, don't you, Peter? Sally knows where all the bodies are buried, Peter, and for a very good reason."

Sally: "You've got until 4pm, Peter. Don't make me have to come back!"

Charlie and Sally leave the room. Peter gulps at a glass of water. He gets a single sheet of paper from his desk drawer and begins to write.

The Penguin


Anita said...

Hey Pingou,
When I Google the term Mandelson Ranting Penguin it scores 13,300 for web (was 2,700 this am) and 1,660 for the UK (was 1,500).
This is true world wide immortality, born from a relentless sense of need to engage.

The Penguin said...

Wow! but what does that mean? In simple words for an old fart, please?

Anita FCA said...

What does it mean?
Beats me; but the big number has presently reduced to 2,370 (UK=1,670).
Perhaps the Google-washers are in the thrall of the Prince of Darkness.