Thursday, 15 January 2009

Baroness Shrieky Vadera's Green Shoots

Baroness Shrieky Vadera's Green Shoots have been completely misunderstood. She was referring to some snowdrops breaking through the earth in Holland Park, in response to Global Warming (started in America).

On a day when another 4,000 people lost their jobs, bring the weekly total (by Wednesday) to over 14,000, the pound has tanked, the trade deficit is at a record £8.3billion, and ratings agencies are betting that UK Government Debt has a 10% chance of defaulting, it is inconceivable that a senior member (albeit yet another unelected one) of the Government which is working hard for hard working familes could be so crass and insensitive as to suggest that there were signs of things improving.

Isn't it?

So poor Shrieky "Silken Knickers" Vadera must have been misunderstood, poor wee lass.

The Penguin

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Bill d'Sarse said...

Green shoots?

I think she mistook them for first signs of mould on the rotting corpse of the economy.