Thursday, 22 January 2009

Postman Pat Makes £900,000 A Day - But Shuts Your Post Office!

Record Profits at The Royal Mail, while a postage stamp leaps 3p, second deliveries are a thing of the past, domestic deliveries are closer to lunch time than breakfast time, thousand of much needed post offices are closed with a farcical figleaf of "consultation", and The Dark Lord mutters about selling a large part of the business to a foreign company because British Managers don't have the right DNA to run a business. What the fuck?

Adam Crozier and other top bosses are doubtless entitled to huge bonuses. I doubt that there are inflation busting payrises lined up for the rank and file.

Part of the problem faced by the closed and due to close post offices in rural areas and backstreets is the stupidity of the government in forcing pensioners to have bank accounts for their pittances and benefits, rather than going to the post office. Similarly, try picking up a Passport Application Form. Or paying for your fucking TV licence at a Post Office.

The Penguin


Atheist Ranter said...

Post Offices are a SERVICE to us taxpayers and not yet another stealthy means of removing cash from us.

Do the Police make a profit? No, they're a SERVICE.
Do the Ambulance service make a profit? No, they're another SERVICE.

Rural Post Offices are a SERVICE! Any politician who expects to make a profit from them is a cunt...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The Post Office is no longer to be a SERVICE to us AR, it is now just another vehicle for Euro Mandy to play with.