Wednesday, 21 January 2009

McBroon Bottles Yet Again

The Great Leader, Saviour Of The World, has once again demonstrated all the backbone of a jellyfish as he dropped plans to introduce an amendment to the Freedom Of Information Act that would keep secret MPs expense claims. As soon as he discovered that the Conservatives and the Limp Dems would be voting against the secrecy measures, leaving the Labour Party alone open to the mounting criticism he decided to bravely run away.

This is excellent news.

Now the imminent publication of details of 1.2 million pages of receipts and expenses claims submitted by MPs since 2005 should provide journalists with plenty of ammunition to lob at the greedy troughing bastards infesting the House of Common Criminals.

And it again highlights the bumbling cowardice of the Prime Mentalist.

The Penguin


Mr Bloody Angry said...

Mr Penguin, unbelievable just look at this.
I'm unemployed for the first time in my life and really fucking pissed off.

wv penizess you couldn't make it up.

The Penguin said...

Yes, I read that with a degree of incredulity and anger. They are definitely taking the piss!

Tory Farm Boy said...

aren't bonus for if you do something good? thats how i thought it worker!

Police state will be soon upon us and all web terrorists shall be dealt with!!