Saturday, 24 January 2009

British Jobbies For British Workers?

The Prime Mentalist, Gorgon McBroon, Saviour Of The World, Barack's Bestest Best Friend, The Man Who Stopped Boom And Bust, boldy declared "British Jobs For British Workers" as part of his recession beating plan.

Sadly, like everything else the fuckwit says or announces, the reality is rather different.

Record numbers of work permits granted to foreigners. And of course, that is only the ones we know about (assuming we believe government statistics ) and will not include any illegal immigrants or failed asylum seekers not deported.

His boast to Evan Davies of creating 3 million jobs was a hollow one, as over 2 million of those jobs are filled by immigrants, not British Workers.

Good to know that he is working so hard for hard working families. Shame so few of them are British.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Brown has no idea of what is happening.

He had every opportunity, when he became PM, to win countless votes by addressing the shortcomings of the Blair presidency. So what did the useless piece of shit do? Sweet fuck all.

One can only dwell on the irony of this waste of sperm writing a book about courage.

Chalcedon said...

This evil government once again kicks the indigenous people of these islands in the collective bollocks by importing another 150,000 non EU workers during a recession. What is he thinking? Is he thinking?