Thursday, 15 January 2009

Yet Another Unelected Politician Spouting Rubbish

Lord Malloch Brown, whose own experience of being elected runs to failing to be selected as a candidate for the SDP, and whose expertise and judgement extend to defending the corrupt and wasteful Oil For Food programme which made so many rich at the expense of starving and ill children in Saddam Hussein's Iraq under his mentor Kofi "Useless" Annan, (whose son profited handsomely, I recall), has annoyed the Irish by suggesting that they had no right to vote against the Lisbon "Treaty" in their referendum.

However, he has admitted that all the waffle by the Teeshirt Brian "Fat Git" Cowen over changes negotiated to make the Lisbon "Treaty" more palatable to the Irish people is just smoke and mirrors and that nothing has changed. It is still the same rebranded Constitution rejected by the French and the Dutch when they were allowed a vote, "not a word has changed" says Malloch Brown.

The Penguin

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