Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Home Office Propaganda Criticised

Jacqui Smith, our Home Economics Secetary, presides over the shambles that is left at the ministry which John Reid described as "Unfit for Purpose" before it was gutted and the good bits transferred to Slippery Jack Straw's laughable Justice Ministry.

We'll pass quickly over the fiddled immigration figures, the failure to deport failed asylum seekers, the bungled involvement of Inspector Knackered in stopping leaks, the snuggling up to "top" coppers, the ongoing ID card fiasco, the lack of anything resembling competence.

Ofcom, the feeble government broadcasting watchdog which hasn't even got the bottle to force the BBC to sack the vastly over-rated and over-paid potty gob Jonathan Ross, has unexpectedly bitten poor Jacqui on the arse about some TV programmes that the Home Office paid to have made and broadcast.

These were about the "success" of plod-lite, and complaints about various aspects were received by the regulator.

However, the one that forced them to take action was from the Office of National Statistics, who complained that the strap lines "Keep Crime Down" and "Keep it Safe, Keep it Hidden" were infringing on it's territory.

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Lobbydog said...

Let's not forget the 70 officers critically injured when demonstrators fired live bees at them at the Kingsnorth protest. That was ballsed-up stats story of the year. http://www.thisisnottingham.co.uk/news/Joseph-Watts-Coaker-forced-eat-humble-pie/article-559066-detail/article.html

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Sounds like good weather for Penguins said...

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