Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Hang On, I've Got A Plan! Do An Italian Jobbie!!

Gordon Brown, Our Great Unelected Saviour Of The World (and the Banks) is working on doing an Italian Jobbie.

He is desperately jealous of the corrupt scumbag Berlusconi, who has managed to extricate himself from all legal difficulties over his bribery and sleaze by having laws passed making the 4 top political posts in Italy exempt from any prosecution.

That way, Signor B is no longer a defendant in the embarrassing case before the Italian courts of Mr. Tessa Jowell. Of course, the ever fragrant Ms. Jowell has distanced herself from the defendant as well, through a useful and timely "separation" for political expediency. And the defendant himself is trying to retract three confessions, but he looks bang to rights.

How handy it would be, thinks The Great Leader, if such exemptions could be enacted here. No threat of being tried for War Crimes, or Incompetence, or Treason, or Corruption.

It would be a weight lifted from his fevered imagination.

The Penguin

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