Monday, 5 January 2009

Why Are NuLiebore So Keen On Heathrow's Third Runway?

Anyone got any ideas as to why NuLiebore are so keen on the third runway proposals at Heathrow?

So keen that "Buff" Hoon (aka That Cunt Hoon in the Armed Forces) is prepared to over rule his own departments reports into pollution levels, completely ignore any climate change issues or other "green" environmental issues, risk losing 4 or 5 MP's in the immediate area, and face having an incoming Tory government cancel the whole crapfest - which may well make contractors reluctant to sign up for the project unless they have huge cop-out compensation clauses built into any deal, which in itself may make it very expensive for BAA to want to proceed. Especially as they are to be forced to flog off Gatwick and Stansted (where another row is brewing nicely).

Usually in matters like this there is either an over-riding national security consideration, or someone is paying someone large amounts of wonga.

As for there being no alternative, Boris Island has a nice ring to it, and if they can do it in Hong Kong they can do it in the Thames Estuary. No noise pollution over London, no danger of a stray accident falling on highly populated area, and no risk of a fully fuelled take-off accident landing on Windsor. Lots of jobs for Kent and Essex and South East and East London, and a huge development opportunity to the West of London, complete with good road and rail infrastructure already in place. Probably even more jobs in construction doing the Boris Island than H3, and the chance to get it right and have a 21st century Airport, not a relic from WW2 with a terrible reputation.

The Penguin


Call me Geoff said...

"I'll be leaving you now ,Sir.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I don't give a flying fuck what they do to Heathrow which is a dump and National Embarrassment of the first order.
I can fly locally to Schippol ( Amsterdam ) and from there anywhere in the world. Nuff said.

Heathrow = Pukerow