Sunday, 11 January 2009

Third Time Lucky? But What Tall Story Will SHe Try?

Seems the tissue of lies that the World's Ex-Tallest Woman told about being in danger of being attacked and stoned because of her being so tall did not fool the Home Office. Which in itself is amazing, considering the performance of that once great department of state.

However, she is being allowed leave to remain while she concocts yet another appeal - the one just rejected was the second, the first apparently was on the grounds of persecution for being a lesbian.

So what Tall Story will she come up with next?


Anonymous said...

There can't be that many Pakistanis left in Pakistan to throw stones at this woman as from what I see they are all in the UK. So she will have plenty of space unfortunately no dole but you can't have everything.

Fidothedog said...

Bloody hell she will be complaining that she has different air to everyone else next.

Kick her tall ass out of the UK.

The Refuser said...

No dole but no doubt she will get some form of welfare. The only appeals allowed on asylum decisions should be made in the appellants home country. This would put and end to this ambulance chasing crap pdq