Saturday, 10 January 2009

Education, Education, Education. Surely Not?

First a quick confession. I have a Teaching Certificate and a Degree in Education. And I'm so fucking glad I didn't go into the teaching "profession" but decided to become an accountant.

However, I was struck by the items on offer in the Main Stream Media concerning Education today and recently.

Apparently, our schools are doing better than ever in terms of exam passes and grades achieved. Although the examination system is a complete shambles and some Australian git has been shipped home as useless. But nothing to do with Blinking Ed, so he's not resigning.

But then on the other hand there's loads of talk about universities and employers having to teach basics like reading, writing, and arithmetic to those failed by the Great Snakeoil Salesman's emphasis on Education (times 3). And an official report due out suggesting that more than half of all school leavers have no GCSE's at all in maths and english.

Surely there's some strange dichotomy here?

But then, why should I be at all surprised. The wankers on the "liberal" left have been dismantling the Grammar School system ( which gave so many of them a break and a route out of poverty) as fast as they can since Shirley Williams (may she rot in hell for ever, the fucking cunt) and Woy Jenkins ( likewise, only hotter, please, and with a red hot poker up his arse) were in charge. Now GCSE's are widely and rightly seen as worthless, "A" levels now have a 110% success rate, and every fucking polytechnic is a University turning out graduates with degrees in media studies and surfing.

Meanwhile parents are desperate to try and get their brats into a decent school, and the Liebore Political Aristos send their precious chicks to private or semi-private schools whilst insisting on the local underfunded dustbin for the rest of us plebs. Or even pay for extra coaching for their children while hypocritically castigating those ordinary folk who do this.

Now, is it all a conspiracy or the usual fucking incompetence, arrogance, and selfishness?

The Penguin


Not a sheep said...

I agree with many of your sentiments but surely "Teaching Certificate" rather than "Teaching Cerificate".

The Penguin said...

Look, I can spell, but typing with flippers and a beak is fucking difficult!