Wednesday, 7 January 2009

They Definitely Think We Are All Stupid!

The Department for Transport (well, actually The Department For Raising Taxes From Drivers and Passengers) have replaced a twice daily train service with an unadvertised once a week bus service, and claim that this "substitution" allows them not to bother with the hassle of a public consultation on the slashing of the rail service.

The "replacement" bus service is not listed on any timetable, or advertised. Funnily enough, it doesn't get any passengers.

Meanwhile plans are continuing apace for road pricing schemes, congestion charges, parking taxes at places of work, huge increases in VED, and rises in fuel duty on petrol and diesel to replace the temporary reduction in VAT which has so stimulated the economy that Woolworths, Adams, Wedgwood Waterford, Zavvi, are dead and gone and even M&S are laying off staff.

Alice in Wonderland, or are we already Through The Looking Glass?

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

And woe betide anyone thinking of helping motorists in Norwich. A private carpark undercutting the councils park and ride? No, sorry, we'll close you down:

Anonymous said...

They did this a few years back with the "promised" Eurostar service from Manchester. No timetable, no announcements, no way of buying tickets even if you did find out.
Result, service cancelled "due to lack of demand".
Job done...