Wednesday, 7 January 2009

How Sick Is That?

Funny, there was a lot of fishy smells coming from around the Scargill during the Miner's Strike concerning funds from Moscow going walkabout.

And now it seems that the NUM under the proprietorship of A. Scargill trousered over £6 MILLION sliced off the compensation claims of sick miners after a very dodgy loan that the NUM made to a small firm of Barnsley ambulance chasers to prop it up whilst thousands and thousands of miners claims were being processed through that firm after Scargill recommended it to his membership, thereby seeing it flooded with work (and costs, thus requiring a loan - made by the NUM at a mere 6 percent over base rate!)

Shame it has all hit the fan, thus helping to completely tarnish poor old Scargill's tattered reputation.

Hope the NUM can afford to pay it all back and it gets to the right people.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Yee ha, let me get my snout in the trough, some chance. What does the dear leader have to say on this subject? Probably not much what I'm surpried at is how people are surprised, they are all at it.
Two types of money, yours and someone elses money yours your careful with, someone else money who gives a fuck?

Thud said...

Scargill seems almost like a figure from a distant dimly remembered past.