Friday, 2 January 2009

Stupid And Arrogant, I Hope Bankers Rot In Hell

It is not just the "masters of the universe" nonsense with sub-prime toxic mortgages rebundled and sold on and on, ludicrous bonuses, fraud, corruption, collusion, and incompetence that makes me fucking hate fucking bankers. Nor is it just the way I have been treated by Nat West, Barclays, and LloydsTSB over the years.

It is the sheer fucking stupidity that they display. The irritating and dishonest TV adverts extolling how wonderful they are in a hugely expensive attempt to attract new customers, or to tempt customers to switch "allegiance". Just how the fuck much does all that advertising cost? (And all paid for by your bank charges!)

But then they are also stupid enough to gather huge amounts of negative publicity by petty stunts like this one reported in the Daily Smear, and for what? To try and screw some bloke out of a fiver!

How many customers is that going to attract? How many conversations in pubs and over meals is that going to engender, word of mouth is the best advertising that money can't buy, and conversely the most effective criticism.

Fucking Wankers.

The Penguin


Paul said...

Anyone remember what banks and building societies looked like pre Thatcher when the UK was buying and selling things insted of money?
Yes I know we were all capitalists buying shares in things we already owned like the utilities and what a con that was.
These institutions (and lawyers offices) were tucked away around the back with the staff at the TSB anyway wearing brinylon smocks then in the 80's bang, the shopping centres were full of gleaming temples to Mamon all paid for by us mugs. Nice to see the top boys can "feel our pain" nothing like the pain I would like them to feel from me the bastards. How about this?
What do you have if you have a banker up to his neck in concrete?
Not enough concrete.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

The Alex cartoon gets it spot on every day. It's printed in the finance section so at least the bankers know what we think of them

Anonymous said...

I'll probably be shot down for this.

Why didn't he go to his own bank?

I can well understand that they'd want to charge him, although £5 might seem exorbitant. The cashier would want to verify the notes being tendered, faff about looking for a fresh crisp fifty.

That's time being paid for by the bank's customers and financed by the bank's shareholders.

It's a market economy, though, so he could always have taken his business, such as it is, elsewhere.

How likely would it be that he could convince a passing member of the public to exchange the banknotes for him? Would you exchange notes for a stranger?