Saturday, 3 January 2009

24 Hours To Save The National Health Service?

I have this recollection of the NuLiebour Chancers banging on about saving the NHS when they were trying to get elected.

Since they have been in power, the NHS have been "accidentally" killing around 40,000 patients a year, rates of MRSA and C Diff have soared to the point where (despite government statistics claiming improvements!) sales of a kit to protect yourself from getting these diseases in hospital are booming.

Meanwhile, the newspapers are full of tales of mothers giving birth on the flooor, patients not seen in A&E for 6 hours (and later dying), ambulance crews deciding a cripple wasn't worth saving, a 101 year old War Hero sent home with a nappy and a bag full of soiled clothes, a senior NHS manager boasting on Facebook that she spends all her time bullshitting, the postcode lottery for drugs, incompetence, and parking charges making thousands out of visitors to hospitals.

So glad that the NHS has been saved.

The Penguin


ImproperDancer said...

As someone who is unfortunately at the mercy of the NHS on a regular basis, I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Mr Penguin I draw your Attention to this as a fund raiser for the NHS.

Then this as a major industry for the govt

I always knew we were milked for Tax purposes but now they're treating us even more like farm animals.