Thursday, 8 January 2009

Official Confirmation - Thousand Of Civil Servants Idle

Well, I have suspected for many years that many of our civil servants (bit of a misnomer, really!) are surplus to requirements and a total waste of skin, but now the gummint have been forced to provide figures which confirm this.

And, of course, as with everything that emerges kicking and squeaking into the harsh light of day from this corrupt dishonest incompetent and arrogant administration, the truth is so much worse than we could have imagined.

Close on 4,000 senior and mid-ranking civil servants such as Tax Inspectors are paid their full salaries etc. etc. but have no work to do. They are classified under such wonderful titles as "pre-surplus" or "priority movers" to mask the fact that they do nothing and are expected to do nothing - except suck on the public teat. Only £133 MILLION a year, though.

What a shame that this example of doing nothing is not followed by the fuckwits in government, as so much less damage to our country would then occur.

The Penguin

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mmm said...

There is some encouragement to believe that reality sometimes becomes obvious.
Land Registry forced to lay off 1,200 staff after drop in revenue from fees