Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gordon's Gimmick Meetings Cost Taxpayer £600,000

Gordon "Prudence" McBroon, undoubtedly the very worst prat ever to soil the office of Chancellor of The Exchequer, has now become possibly the stupidest fuckstain ever to infest 10 Downing Street.

Not content with saving the World in the "Global Financial Firestorm that started in America" TM - he is listening to the people and sharing their pain by having cabinet meetings in places like Leeds rather than the purpose built and convenient suite of rooms in Downing Street. Then a carefully chosen and vetted bunch of tossers from the local faithful are permitted to meet the Great Man and to thank Him for his beneficience and the useless VAT cut ( not just my verdict, boss of retail giant Next).

This is hardly carbon neutral, hardly environmentally friendly, wastes loads of time in all those wankers traipsing ooop North rather than walking round the fucking corner, but has cost the taxpayer £600,000 (so far, at £200,000 a pop).

Used as I am to NuLiebore government by headline grabbing gimmickry, this is taking the fucking piss.

He's about as much use as the Pope's Testicles.

The Penguin


Dungeekin said...

Isn't it just great?

It's the 'Getting On With The Job' Tour 2009, and once again we taxpayers foot the bill.

After all, this lot have spunked so much money up the wall in the last few months, what's another £600k?


Anonymous said...

The son of the manse is a thief in my view. Using battalions of policy wonks, regiments of union leaders and armies of Karen Matthews' ilk, he will overcome.

He and his children are all right Jack, screw you.

Hard-working families my arse. His old man earned a living by selling a lie, much as he does now (although it's far better paid). Getting pensioners to put their spare pennies in the collection plate, extorting their souls, promising them anguish in eternity if they did not see His Great Vision.