Friday, 9 January 2009

National Health Service, A Shining Triumph For Nu-Liebore?

Once again the National Health Service, which once upon a time was a national treasure, is again in the headlines. And it's not good news

Seems some poor bastard starved to death in a Kingston-upon-Thames hospital, and he's not the only victim of the NHS, which is bloated with tax-payers' money and bullshit managers but seems to have forgotten about hygiene and patient care...."Spot checks revealed evidence of 'serious' breaches of hygiene on a specialist ward where internal body cameras were not being properly decontaminated before being inserted into another patient."

In the run-up to the 1997 election, Tony Blair highlighted the issue of mixed-sex wards and challenged Tory ministers: "Is it beyond the collective wit of the Government to deal with that problem?" In power Labour has totally failed to meet the commitment, which was repeated in its 2001 manifesto, but dropped in 2005. Hence today's shaming reportage.

Don't go to hospital! It's too fucking dangerous!! 40,000 deaths a year thanks to NHS lack of care.

So glad that the Nu-Liebore Governement has saved the NHS for a grateful nation (oh, and all the health tourists and foreigners buying up our donated body parts!)

The Penguin

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