Sunday, 11 January 2009

Censorship Alive And Well At Dolly's Dump

Well, less than a day old and already censorship (or pre-moderation, whatever) has been switched on over at the Dolly Draper LabourLovies "Blog".

I even (mostly) avoided swearing which is a fucking trial and a fucking half.

And oddly, no-one was answering any of my questions. So much for a lively debate.

However, they have a nifty box to tick to show "trashed comments". Dolly obviously think this is terribly clever as his mates can see how he has treated things he doesn't like. In reality it shows that dissent from the message will not be tolerated by the Stasi.

The Penguin


Fidothedog said...

Penguin, you say that no one is answering your questions, well hello!

They are Labour folk, I asked a few years back some questions of by my local MP Paul Flynn and other Labour MPs on the death camps in DNK.

No answer came from any of them, Mr Flynn was happy to try to visit North Korea - he was only stopped by their nuke test - and seems to avoid all mention of the mass slaughter going on there in his posts on Korea.

I have also noticed in many a Labour MP blog that comments if they exist at all, have a strange black hole for those who ask questions that they do not want to answer.

One Tom Harris, cunt that he is being a fine example, the cunt.

The Penguin said...

I never said I was surprised :-)

I expected exactly that. The example set from the top, and the fucking mainstream journo's letting them tell blatant lies and not answer the question.

Still, hope springs!

JD said...

I had a look at that labour list blog too. I thought it very cumbersome and DULL! And I have not had an answer to my question which was "Who is paying for it?"
Anybody know?

Earthlet Nigel said...

They claim the finance for the site is independant of Labour (Stasi) party funds. So that'll be the truth then.

Dolly is a particularly obsequious and odious pratt who readily confuses wit with sarcasm, dishing out quite a bit of the latter, and thinking himself funny, cuntish is what it is.

So far the felching fister's promise to actively engage have proved to be as lax as his arse. No change there then.

Lively debate, youl'll have more reponse tasering the dead in a morgue.