Thursday, 8 January 2009

We're Fucked, Gordon's Laughing!

Gordon Brown looks a happy chappie as he fucks off around the UK looking for photo opportunities and grandstanding platforms to trumpet how He has Saved The World from the Global Downturn Made In America.

Meanwhile his policies continue to cause more trouble than enough, with retail bosses deriding his tinkering with VAT as useless (cost to taxpayer £12.5 BILLION), Labour MP's begging him to change it to income tax cuts, treasury officials and The Badger desperately denying that they are printing bank notes 24 / 7 (although the Bank of England Balance Sheet suggests the bastards have been doing this for several months), official confirmation that the losses incurred in today's value by the one-eyed twat flogging off 365 TONNES of our gold reserves is close to £5 BILLION, and that close to 4,000 civil servants are being paid £133 MILLION to do nothing.

His photo opportunity in Derby yesterday was accompanied by a typical Brownie, claiming to have created 35 new apprenticeships at Rolls Royce, where in fact there is NO INCREASE at all. It also emerges that the majority of the 35,000 "new apprenticeships" he is so proud of will be McJobs with McDonalds, the sort of jobs that Labour have criticised so frequently in the past.

Fuck knows what the total cost of all this gadding about and holding cabinet meetings in inappropriate places will end up as - yesterday's estimate for 3 "out of Whitehall" cabinet meetings was £600,000 and that was without the Brownie-about Tour. But you can be quite sure that Mr Brown will not be feeling any pain on a personal level - after all, this cunt even charges the tax-payer for light-bulbs. A true Scotsman, no matter what the rumours, then.

The Penguin


Henry North London said...

Ive seen the bank notes I put a picture up on the blog about them

Fidothedog said...

cunt looks like he has filled his nappy, bastard needs changing.

Anonymous said...

Dirty scum. Cannot even breed properly. Miscegenated, vile old sperm lamely dribbling out his sordid, smegma-encrusted japseye.